Continuous Electrodeionization System



Fields of application

  • production of ultra pure water
  • production of infusion solutions
  • production of pharmaceutical products
  • trace impurity removal


  • production of ultra pure water economical, environmental friendly
  • continously working, without interruption (CEDI)
  • chemical proof regeneration
  • low electric power demand
  • modular construction, possibility of large construction
  • minimal maintenance cost
  • small footprint
  • easy operating
  • consistant water quality
  • water abstraction with > 95%

Main features of cleared water

Electric conductance:

< 1 µS/cm with one cell

< 30 µS/cm in case of input water quality

< 0,1 µS/cm with two cells


< 5 ppb

< 100ppb in case of input water quality

Germ count:

> 99% decreasing


EDI is applicable advantageous specially for final clearing of the permeat of RO.