Process Water Treatment

  Operator System capacity
Description of system Country Date
1 Körte Környezettechnika Zrt.- Alcoa gépszállítás Ltd. 4,0 Coagulation and flocculation tank for removal of total dissolved solids, decanting basin, CIP system with activated carbon filter system and a Reverse Osmosis desalination system, UV disinfection   Hungary 2016
2 Hankook Tyre Ltd. 2 x 40,0 Multimedia filter for eliminating dissolved solids, reverse osmosis desalination, softening, degassing with memrane contactor Hungary 2016
3 HUNGRANA KFT. 30,0 Expansion of desalination system with Cation-exchange resin water treatment system Hungary 2015
4 Evonik Kft. 25,0 Process water treatment with RO desalination Hungary 2013
5 Buzau S.C. CRV Chemicals S.R.L. 40,0 Process water treatment with Activated Carbon Filter to remove iron pollutants Romania 2013
6 Nestle Hungray Ltd. 8,0 Production of pure water with Reverse Osmosis desalinating system for power plant application  Hungary 2013
7 Linde Gas Zrt. 75,0  Activated carbon filtration and RO desalination for process water treatment  Singapore 2012
8 Ovivo Middle East LLC. 20,0 Fine desalinated water with ≤ 0,2 µS/cm conductivity, with an Electro-deionization system; For power plant application 2 modules of Reverse Osmosis desalination with  2 modules of CEDI systems   United Arab emirates 2012
9 Tehnika K.B.,  6,0
Process water treatment with Activated Carbon Filter, Na exchange resin and Reverse Osmosis Desalination Serbia 2011
10 LLP Spets Stroy Project 5,0 Production of process water with Reverse Osmosis desalination system Kazahstan 2010
11 Borsodchem Zrt. 800,0 Process water production with Ultrafiltration, degassing with membrane contactor and RO system Hungary 2009
12 Zoltec Co. 50,0 Microfiltration, which eliminates total dissolved solids and microorganisms Mexico 2008-2009
13 GEA EGI Ltd. 2 x 20,0  Automatic twin deironing system (Activated Carbon Filter); Membrane contactor for degassing; Electro-deionizatio system. Russia 2008
14 Slovnaft A.S. 500,0 Power plant water treatment of surface water , production of fine desalinated water 5 blocks of Reverse Osmosis desalinator, Continuous Electro Deionization System  Slovakia 2006-2008
15 Ajka 3 x 20,0 Process water treatment with  RO Hungary 2006-2008
16 MOL Danube Refinery MOL Plc 550 Process water for oil industrial purposes: High purity desalinated water production  with reverse osmosis (RO) desalination. Boiler feed water production with Hidrobeed filtration and RO. Hungary 2006