Energetic Water Treatment

Energy industry requires high quality process water for the operation of boilers, steam generators, turbines and cooling systems. Reliable and economic operation, long lifespan of the units can be ensured by high quality feed water. 


  • reliable equipment with low operation cost
  • highest quality water
  • economical system with water recycle and condense treatment
  • high quality after sales service, analytical measurements
  • chemical supply from own warehouse, short lead time
  • detailed technical documentation according to requirements
  • references in power and oil industry 

Processing of high quality water

Removed contaminants

  • suspended solids
  • dissolved solids (partial or total)
  • dissolved gases (partial or total)

Chemical conditioning to counteract corrosion and microbial contamination.

Applied techniques according to the feed water composition and the required output quality:

  • media filtration
  • softening
  • ion exchange
  • decarbonation
  • membrane separation
  • ultrafiltration
  • reverse osmosis
  • membrane degassing
  • chemical dosing