Hidrowell Drinking water treatment




Water beneath ground level considerably contains iron and manganese ions. These ions increase corrosive propensity during the water’s usage. In addition, it creates metal hydroxides as get in touch with the oxygen content of air thereby the water becomes turbid, germ colonies and sludge can evolve.

The container water treatment equipment produced by Hidrofilt Ltd. uses its catalytic load accelerate the oxidation of iron and manganese ions then remove the contaminated oxides.  Optionally arsenic, ammonium removal and sterilization are included in the technology.  The applied load is an active catalyser thus there is no regeneration required.  Purification is occurring via intensive backwash.

The system automated, its operations are controlled by a PLC unit. This apparatus enables local and distant control of parameters.

Technological shaping

The container equipment is ready-made, compact unit. After transportation and installation It can be started up immediately.

Based on amount of water, the subcomponents are assembled into distinct sized, standardized (ISO) containers. Parallel deployment of containers enables higher capacity.

Technical information

  • Size of container:                                           10’ ,20’ ,40’ ,40’HC
  • Flow capacity:                                                1, 5, 10, 20 m3/h or higher
  • Operating pressure interval:                             2-6 bar
  • Operating temperature interval:                        5-35 Celsius
  • Nominal voltage:                                             3x400 V


Advantages of container configuration

  • There is no desire for a building
  • Installation time is not considerable
  • The product is ready-made
  • Automated operation
  • Long lifespan
  • Mobile